Online Private Pilot Oral Testing Package

Online Private Pilot Oral Testing Package


The FAA continues to change the ACS (Airman Certification Standards). Knowledge of the Areas of Operations needs to be around 85% to efficiently pass the Oral during a Private Pilot Check-ride.

This study/testing supplement will help prepare for your Private Pilot Oral examination. This supplement alone does not guarantee a satisfactory result, but it does highlight all of the known areas of emphasis in recently revised ACS. Often answers to questions need to be specific and exact. This supplement uses Description Format to help applicants be correct, specific and exact when answering oral questions.

The best method to use to prepare for the FAA Private Pilot Oral:

  1. Read the task outline. Print or save the PDF.
  2. Take the 20 question Multiple Choice test, using the outline as a guide.
  3. Take the 10 question True/False quiz without looking at the task outline.
  4. Complete Tasks A through H using steps 1-3.
  5. Supplement your studying using the FAA Flying Handbook, Pilot’sHandbook of Aeronautical Knowledge FAA-H-8083-25A (PDF) and the Jeppeson Private Pilot Manual.

A combined preparation strategy using these resources and an Oral Review with your Instructor is the best way to prepare for the Private Pilot Oral Examination.

Content in this supplement will be on the Oral with the Examiner. Please provide comments and suggestions for additional content to Thank you for your purchase!


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